Teldeschi Vineyards

Dry Creek Valley Benchland

The Dry Creek Zinfandel in these inaugural wines come from vines planted on the Teldeschi Home Ranch in 1889.  Ray Teldeschi carefully attends to his land with minimal intervention.  The Teldeschi family arrived in Dry Creek Valley in the early 1900s and purchased their Home Ranch in the 1940s. This two-acre block of head-trained Zinfandel vines is 128 years-old and sits adjacent to the block of 75 year-old Petite Sirah vines that are also harvested for this wine.  These vineyards are perched upon the notable benchlands of Dry Creek Valley at an elevation of 200 feet.  At this elevation - 50-100 feet higher than the valley floor - big, long, and reasonably flat and rolling hills are formed from a gravelly loam soil that the old-timers refer to as "red dirt".  With its gravelly texture, this reddish-brown soils is full of iron oxide from young volcanics.  This is where the old vineyards deliver a feminine and elegant Zinfandel.


La Belle Promenade

Chehalem Volcanics

Located in Newberg, La Belle Promenade is 33 acres of mainly Jory and some Nekia soils. The western portion of the site consists of a thick layer of fractured basalt. The 33 acres were planted in 2014 with 26 acres of pinot noir, 5 acres of chardonnay and 2 acres of pinot meunier. With elevations of 700 to 820 feet above sea level, this site allows for great diversity in concert with our other estate vineyard, Flanerie.

Prior to our planting this site, it was an abandoned cherry and prune orchard. One of the many appealing features of this site was that the neighbors gathered here each year here to pick the first blackberries of the season. As soon as the sun rises, it hits this site first, providing the desired morning sun as a gentle ripening sun. The constant flowing breeze allows us to farm this site by organic methods.



Johan Vineyards

Willamette Valley Sediments

Johan Vineyards consists of 85 acres of gently sloping estate vineyards on the 175-acre site in the heart of the Willamette Valley, just west of Salem, Oregon. Situated on the southern edge of the Van Duzer corridor, our vineyards are blessed with afternoon ocean breezes and cool evening temperatures that are ideal for ripening Burgundian varietals. Elevations range from approximately 180 to 380 feet. Soils are Helvetia, Steiwer, and Santiam silts which were formed primarily from ancient marine sedimentary rock. Johan Vineyards is committed to environmentally responsible farming practices and we are Demeter certified biodynamic®.