Peter Harter, Volunteer Head of Marketing & Research

He is as adept at stacking cases of wine while devising political strategies on conference calls as he is at pulling shots at the espresso machine - there is no Perkins Harter without Peter.


Randy Pijoan, Label Artist

Randy has produced an edition of prints of the Perkins Harter label etching for purchase.  Email us for details.

All sales will benefit the Ventero Open Press, a 501 (c)(3) organization Randy established to support a new generation of emerging artists.

Amazing artist, huge heart.

Perkins Harter began as a four-vintage Zinfandel project in the Dry Creek Valley of Sonoma County.  Our second project is a dive into the new revival of crisp, lean Chardonnays in Oregon.  All of our micro-production wines are handmade contributions to the legacies of the vineyards and grape growers with whom we work.  We welcome all to join us on our journey.

- Shelby Perkins


Pork Chop, Assistant Winemaker & Grape Herder

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